The Best Places In Your Home For Fluorescent Lighting

Sometimes in life, a good thing comes with an unfortunate side effect. Such is the case with compact fluorescent lightbulbs. When it comes to choosing a more energy-efficient source of light, CFLs are at the top of their game. But the drawback? The light they produce isn’t so flattering.
Before you ban all CFLs from your home, check out these strategic location tips from our friends at The Nest. It’s possible to have energy-efficient lighting in your home and still enjoy a flattering, warm glow. When it comes to CFLs, it’s all about location, location, location — and blending them with other light sources to create a layered effect.
A tip? Don’t use fluorescent lighting in your bathroom. The harsh light will accent bumps, blemishes and everything else you’d rather not think about.
Do, however, use CFLs in your kitchen. The bright light makes these bulbs ideal for illuminating task areas. They’d also be great in a work space, too.

We love this sneaky trick from The Nest. Install fluorescent bulbs on top of a tall cabinet or bookshelf. This will create indirect lighting, as opposed to a direct source, and the light will bounce off the ceiling to create a softer glow that will permeate the room.
And when in doubt, consider LED instead of CFL. LEDs can last more than 10 years and produce a warmer glow than their fluorescent counterparts. And if you can afford the investment, dimmable LED bulbs are available for $40-$50. Of course, if you factor in the cost of incandescent lightbulbs over a 10-year period, you’re still likely to come out ahead with an LED option.
What’s your take on CFLs? Do you think they emit a harsher light than other bulbs? And if so, do you have any additional tips to create a more enticing glow?

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