Become a Top Chef with the Superbread Fusionwood Knife

We do our fair share of cooking and we truly value the experience of using a high quality knife. Using a good knife just makes your life better, right?

Enter the Superbread Fusionwood knife from New West Knives out of Jackson, WY.

New West KnifeWorks was founded by Corey Milligan originally to design, develop, and produce knives for fine art and craft shows. From its inception, the goal has been not only to produce the finest quality knives in the world, but also to design these tools to be works of art that inspire excellence in food preparation and beautify the kitchen.

We’ve spent a couple weeks with the Superbread and must say we are impressed. We’ve got a block of Cutco’s finest and rounded out with a few Henckels and Schmidt Bros knives but our Superbread quickly became our go-to-knife for most situations.


What you first see is the beauty of the knife and handle. The blade has what I call “rocker” which any surfer or snowboarder will understand but I’m sure there is a more technical term for this. The unique ‘wave’ serration keeps a sharp edge and has the unique capacity to be honed and fully sharpened using a diamond or ceramic steel.

Kullens or dimple grinds on the side of the blade allow the Super Bread Knife to pass through food cleanly and helps prevent food from sticking to it. We cut right through some fresh baked pumpkin bread and later some rib eye with no problem.

The handle is made of layers of dyed veneer hardwood and fused with engineer grade resin. You won’t find a sharper looking handle on any knife, anywhere

Even though it’s called a super bread it slices through anything with ease, especially soft food. We can’t wait to carve up our turkey this year!

This is an artisan knife made in the USA and for more information on the Superbread visit

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