This New House Is Definitely Green

This New House on the DIY Network could be called This Green House as they are showing a ton of green building materials and product.
We finally caught up with about 3 episodes that had been sitting on our DVR and we were amazed with the work that the hosts Kevin O’Connor, Amy Matthews and producer Bruce Irving have done for each episode.
They’ve crossed the country in search of the newest technology (most of it eco-friendly) that is available for the modern home. These advancements typically reduce energy consumption and save money. Our favorites include:
Visit to Kohler – Kevin went straight to Kohler HQ in Wisconsin and got a first hand demonstration of the latest Kohler showerheads that are Watersense compliant but also provide pleasurable shower experience. Much like the advancements we saw while visiting Delta Faucet.

SOL Austin – This new development in Austin touts itself as having “net zero consumption”. All of the homes are built to their standards of sustainability which means smaller footprints, modern sensible design, proper exposure and energy-efficient power. We are headed to Austin later this month and hope to stop by and check it out ourselves.
Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Countertops – Amy stopped by the Vetrazzo manufacturing plant and showed us a behind the scenes glimpse into the process of bringing recycled glass into a kitchen countertop. They have designs and colors that fit almost any taste and the attributes are tough to be including the cost when compared to granite.
If you get a chance check out This New House and let us know what you think.

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