Tips To Put Your Fridge-Buying Fears On Ice

Searching for the perfect refrigerator is a bit like a quest for the holy grail. What brand? How large? Do you want a fridge and freezer side-by-side, or do you prefer a drawer freezer at the bottom of the unit? To Energy Star, or not to Energy Star?
I’m exhausted just thinking about all the variables – and we didn’t even scratch the surface! If it’s time for you to replace or upgrade your refrigerator, consider these helpful tips from Casasugar before you buy.

As you prepare to start your refrigerator search, make sure you’ve measured your space. If you’re like me and prefer to do some online scouting before visiting stores, it helps to have your space dimensions memorized so that you can plug them in and browse through a group of results that will work in your kitchen.
Casasugar also recommends identifying your needs before you begin your search. The size of your household and your cooking habits are two great indicators of how much cubic feet you’ll need in your fridge.
Now that you’re ready to dive head-on into refrigerator shopping, be sure to look for in-store deals and don’t discount outlet stores. Both techniques can save you some serious money.
And in the spirit of all things green, check for the Energy Star label before you buy. According to Casasugar, this designation means “it costs a lot less to operate per year, given its efficiency rate.” Since you’ve already saved some cash with the aforementioned tips, continue the savings trend year-round with a more efficient, environmentally friendly appliance.
Have you had luck with any of these refrigerator-buying tips? Or do you have others to recommend? Let us know!
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