Update Your Kitchen In Time For The Holidays

During colder months, and especially throughout the holidays, your kitchen will likely see much more traffic and activity as you prepare meals and host guests.
If your kitchen is in need of a little pre-holiday update, don’t worry — you have plenty of time to make changes. We’ve compiled a list of common updates to help you plan your to-do list and timeline.
1. Replace appliances. If your appliances are outdated, now’s the time to replace them. According to a chart published by This Old House, here is the life expectancy of most major kitchen appliances:
Gas ranges (15 yrs)
Range hoods (14 yrs)
Refrigerators and electric ranges (13 yrs)
Garbage disposals (12 yrs)
Freezers (11 yrs)
Dishwashers (9 yrs)
Microwave ovens (9 yrs)
Compactors (6 yrs)
2. Clean. Cleaning isn’t high on our list of favorite things to do, but a thorough deep cleaning will help keep your appliances in proper working order. Plus, who doesn’t love spending time in a sparkling room? Wipe down your oven, stove and microwave. Unplug your fridge and clean the condenser coils. And while you’re working with the fridge, remove old food and leftovers from the fridge and freezer so that you have plenty of space to store new leftovers, groceries and edible gifts.

3. Add storage. You can never have enough storage space, right? Right! Maybe you’ve been thinking about adding some shelves, or some pull-out storage inside your existing cabinets. Whatever the implement, now’s a great time to install additional storage. You’ll be grateful for the extra space in which you can stash small appliances and other items that may otherwise clutter your counters, cutting down on your prep area. Or consider purchasing a kitchen cart (we have one and we LOVE it!) Most carts come with a butcher block or stainless steel top that makes a great food prep area, as well as additional cabinets, drawers and even wine holders. Look for one that’s on wheels (or add your own) so that you can easily maneuver the cart around your kitchen.
Are you tackling any kitchen projects before the holidays? We’d love to hear what you’re up to!
Photo: Flickr.com/sonjalovas

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