What Do You Think About Brightly Colored Front Doors?

One of the reasons that paint is so great is because it can instantly change the look of anything. And you don’t need to go crazy on your entire house to make a big visual impact.
Take your front door, for example. If you love vivid hues but don’t want to turn your home’s exterior into an eyesore, you can paint your front door. Plus, it’s much easier to repaint a door than it is your home, so you can easily swap out colors depending on your mood.
While driving around in Kansas City a few days ago, I pulled over so that my partner-in-crime could snap the photo shown above. The home is located in one of the city’s traditional, established neighborhoods, and I loved the contrast of the orange against the more classic exterior. I’d wager that the homeowners not only love color–they have great personalities, too.

What’s your take on a bright front door? Would you opt for orange, red, yellow or another eye-popping shade? Or do you prefer a more muted, classic look for your home’s entrance point? I’d love to hear from you. And if you’d like to show us pictures of your painted front door, feel free to send them to editor@charlesandhudson.com.
Photo by Shelly Kramer

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