Whip Up A Batch Of DIY Laundry Detergent

We like things green here at C&H. We talk a lot about energy-efficient and environmentally products that you can use in your home and in your DIY projects, including VOC-free paint, CFLs, low-flow faucets and fixtures, and salvaged building materials.


Switching to all-natural cleaning products is another important step if you want to go green. You’ll help eliminate harmful chemicals from your household, and decrease the amount of run-off pollution that goes out into the environment.

Want to give it a try? Whip up your own laundry detergent! It’s simple, we promise. Megan B. of Shelterrific used a recipe given to her by her friend, Angie.

1 bar of soap (approx. 2 oz), grated. You can use laundry soap. If you end up with 4 oz. or more, adjust the recipe accordingly.
1/2 cup Borax
1/2 cup Arm & Hammer washing soda
3 drops essential oils (optional, but will give your detergent a fresh smell. Try lavender, citrus or vanilla.)

Combine in a sealed container. Megan says you only need 2 tablespoons per wash, so you’ll have plenty of leftover ingredients to make more detergent.

And if you want a natural fabric softener to boost your results, just add white vinegar to your machine’s rinse cycle.

Would you try this recipe? Or have you made your own laundry detergent? Let us know how it turns out!

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