Windows May Be Your Home’s Weak Spot

When it comes to home security, you can easily invest a lot of money in a high-budget alarm and monitoring system. Yet there are also several budget-friendly things you can do to boost your home’s protection.
One of your first DIY home security priorities? Your home’s windows, which are ideal entry spots for intruders. Taking the time to check your windows–and making a few simple changes–can help protect your home. And you’ll enjoy added peace of mind, too.
Window Security Tips
*Keep your windows locked.
*Make sure ground-floor windows aren’t blocked by plants, shrubs and landscaping, which can provide ideal cover for someone trying to break in.

*Try adding wooden dowels or steel locking pins to your windows, which will help prevent them from being opened.
*Make sure you check windows in areas like your garage and basement. You may not be in these parts of your home as much, but these windows should receive the same treatment as windows within your home’s main living areas.
If you have any additional window security tips, we’d love to hear them!

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