Would You Live In The World’s Narrowest House?

We often talk about small spaces here at C&H: how to make a small space feel larger, how to maximize limited square footage and other similar topics. But how small is too small? We stumbled across pictures of the world’s narrowest house and can’t help but wonder if something that tiny is actually habitable.
Designed by architect Jakub Szczesny, the 60-inch wide house fills a crack between an old tenement building and tower building in Warsaw, Poland, according to a story by Home-Designing.com.
The house is set to open on Feb. 4, 2012, at which time Israeli writer Etgar Keret will live there for a month. Afterward, he’ll share it as a studio “for a select few creative and intellectual individuals from around the world,” according Home-Designing.com.

The house includes one bedroom, one bathroom, a lounge and kitchen. The occupant will need a ladder to move between the two floors. At its widest spot, the home’s interior measures 52 inches wide.
What do you think of the house? Would you try living in it, or do you view it as a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare?
Photos courtesy of Home-Designing.com

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