Would You Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Black?

The great thing about a kitchen is, like other rooms in the house, you can make a dramatic new impact with just a couple of changes. Painting or refinishing cabinets is one such project. Heck, even swapping out the cabinet hardware can be visually refreshing, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a ton of cabinets!
Painting your kitchen cabinets is a way to change the look of the entire room, and gives you lots of options. Maybe you want a color that falls in this year’s paint trends–a blue-gray or warm neutral, perhaps?
But what about something more dramatic? Something like … black? Hear us out! Maybe you don’t want to paint ALL of your cabinets black. But coating a few surfaces with black paint can create a dramatic focal point.

And it has practical purposes, too. Painting the cabinets that are near your sink or prep space black is an easy way to disguise fingerprints.
Once considered the scourge of interior paint, black is being increasingly embraced, even in small spaces or as a contrasting grout color. The great thing about paint is you can change it back (just make sure you invest in a good primer before you cover black paint!) You might want to try one cabinet as a test, and see how it flows with your surrounding kitchen.
What say you, readers? Is black paint on kitchen cabinets a win or an absolute horror?
Photo: Flickr.com/champagnechic

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  • hej, are you serious? can you show some before/after pics? sorry, but for some reason i really don’t trust you concerning the nail-thing!!^^

    • Clint

      Dude this works – just give it a try. Most carpenters know this trick but laypeople don’t.

  • ben

    If this were the case, wouldn’t the nail industry just make duller nails, or are they in cahoots with the lumber industry?

    • Name

      “In most situations a sharp nail tip is required”

    • Pushstick

      There are dull nails. They are called cut nails and are used for flooring.

      • @Pushstick is right – cut nails are used for flooring and have dull points and a decorative head that look great in old plank floors. Cut nails aren’t right for every application and this tip works for most situations and nail size.