Combo Glasses Protect the Eyes and the Ears

We received a request last week to take a look at a new product in work safety and we’re glad we did. We feel these Combo Glasses that combine sight and hearing protection in one product will hopefully become standard in workshops, auto plants, construction sites and any other loud working environments.
When we visited the John Deere factory last month we wore protective eye gear and then had to fiddle with ear buds that were tied on a string. It was an awkward combo but a safety feature that everyone in the plant adhered to. We imagine this is commonplace in manufacturing throughout the country but with the Combo Glasses you just need one piece of equipment.
They fit snugly on our face and the ear protection fit nicely in our ears. We can see this not being a completely universal solution as the size of ear canals vary but these worked great. The Combo Glasses arm frames can extend so they should fit a variety of face sizes. The black color is nice and the bright lime ear buds are a nice touch but we still like the fluorescent orange.

Beyond construction applications these could also prove popular among shooting sports that also require eye and ear protection and we’re sure there are many other industries that could benefit.
A couple other features to mention include using these as only hearing protection and letting the glasses drop below. Because they fit so snugly this is possible. You can also replace the ear buds with standard ear bud protection that can be bought from any hardware store.
You can order these online at and the lenses come in clear, smoke and amber. There is also a bi-focal option in varying strength.

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