The Internet of Things Will Change Your Home Forever


There have been a few revolutions in our homes over the course of time. From indoor plumbing to electricity to Wifi, technology continues to advance and infiltrate our daily lives.

The next major milestone is known as “The Internet of Things”. What is this? Think of taking everything we classify as smart home products to the next level. Many of the current smart home devices live as proprietary units within the domain of a certain task. For example, a garage door that can be opened by an app, a security camera that can be viewed via your smartphone. These are all amazing devices and they will keep coming, but thinking smaller has even bigger implications.

Sensors can now be placed into any electronic appliance or tool and can be controlled and monitored via an internet connection that is tethered to any Wifi or Bluetooth enabled device. Think of the possibilities! Many of which are already happening.

In the Kitchen

Ovens, toasters, microwaves, ranges and refrigerators are all sensor ready. Imagine an oven that senses the temperature of your food and automatically shuts off and then pings you when your food is done. You don’t need to be in audio range of the buzzer and there is no need to keep opening and checking the food. Or, a refrigerator that scans the due date on food and will let you know when something is spoiled or when milk is low.


This revolution is at the micro-level.

Pee Wee Herman’s rube goldberg breakfast machine is entertaining but not happening.

Beyond the Kitchen

Products such as Sonos for home audio have almost perfected the smart home industry within their domain and with new products such as Nest and Dropcam, the world of appliances has finally awoken to the future that is connected devices.

We’re looking forward to sharing the latest advancements in smart home technologies and “the internet of things” and are excited about our home’s future, now more than ever.


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