The Electric Pressure Washer Is the Most Underrated Household Tool

greenworks pressure washer

The pressure washer is an underrated homeowner tool that starts paying dividends as soon as you start using it. You’ll be surprised at how often you reach for your pressure washer which can handle duties such as car washing, patio cleaning, exterior wall washing, outdoor furniture washing, and virtually any type of outdoor cleaning job. There are a lot of pressure washer options to choose from, but here’s why we recommend choosing an electric pressure washer.

Water Conservation

Pressure washers use less water and are much more efficient than just spraying from your hose nozzle. Even a high capacity pressure washer like the Greenworks 2300, uses significantly less water and does much more with it.

A typical hose uses 24 gallons per minute, while the Greenworks 2300 pressure washer is rated at 2.3 gallons per minute. And because they do such a better job cleaning you’ll be finished with the job in less time.


No Fumes

Electric powered pressure washers have all of the same benefits that cordless outdoor power equipment has over their gas counterparts. No fumes, no fuel and oil, and instant starting are more than enough reasons to go with an electric pressure washer.

Electric pressure washers are also much quieter than gas-powered models, so your family and neighbors won’t have anything to complain about.

Spray Patterns


Greenworks pressure washers come with multiple nozzle tips that are designed for different cleaning jobs. The soap nozzle releases less pressure which pulls in soap from the onboard canister and quickly covers your vehicle or wall with sudsy stuff. You can then switch to a 40 degrees head that gently washers away the soap and dirt. The 15 degree and turbo head are great for stubborn driveway stains and patio dirt but might be a bit harsh for your car paint.

Easy Transport


The oversize wheels and burly padded handle make transporting the Greenworks pressure washer a cinch. You can easily pull it over curbs, across the grass, and through tight gates, without fear of damaging the washer or your lawn.

Large onboard hooks are provided to safely stow the wrapped cord and hose, and the nozzle holder keeps your attachments secure but easily at hand for instant use.

They’re Fun!

Let’s not forget the fun factor that pressure washers provide. There’s something really satisfying about cleaning dirt, grime, and moss in minutes from your patio, that you know only scrubbing for hours would have removed.

Revealing the true color of your wall or fence after cleaning it, might make you rethink that paint job you’ve been dreading.

Cleaning hard to reach windows and walls from the safety of flat ground, is always a better option compared to standing on a stool or ladder.

greenworks electric pressure washer


The Greenworks pressure washers are all compact in size and can be easily stored in a utility closet or tucked away in your garage. You can definitely find room in your home or apartment for this versatile tool.

Greenworks pressure washers are available from $80-$200 and can be purchased online or at your local Lowe’s home center.

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