Top 8 Must-Have Kitchen Utensils from a Professional Chef

Out kitchens can easily become cluttered with junk that we don’t really need. Specialty tools and gadgets that might work great for one particular task but take up precious space in your kitchen cabinets and on shelves.
Our friend Brian Parks worked as a chef for eight years in NYC at some of New York’s finest restaurants including Danny Meyer’s BBQ joint Blue Smoke and Mario Batali and Andy Nusser’s Spanish-inspired Casa Mono. We asked Brian what he feels are the most important tools that every cook should have at home and he obliged with his Top 8 Must Have Kitchen Utensils.
I often get this question during cooking classes. Major retailers out there would swear that you need a separate gadget for each and every food out there from apple corer to watermelon knives. However as a professional chef, I roll my eyes at their gadgetry.
In professional kitchens where every penny counts, you make do with the basic tools of the trade. So what I propose for the home cook is forgo all gadgets and work on your knife skills. A nice sharp set of knives and a little practice is all you need.

Here is a list of, what I guarantee is all you need to cook just about everything at home.
Set of Knifes-(Chef’s, serrated and pairing)
Wooden spoon
Meat thermometer
A set of microplanes
Vegetable peeler
Japanese mandolin
One thing I’m on the fence about is the cherry/olive pitter, unnecessary, yet can make the task a tad quicker.
Brian has relocated to the Pacific Northwest which has become a mecca for foodies and innovative cooking. He runs a Spanish food catering company in Seattle called Spanish Caravan Catering and we swear his paella will be the best you’ve ever tasted.

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