Use the Bagster for Help with Spring/Summer Purging

We cover a lot of tradeshows and events throughout the year and one product that keeps popping up is the Bagster. We covered this a couple of years back but think it’s worth mentioning again as onsite storage and waste removal continues to evolve and we’re also in the purging mood this spring.
The Bagster isn’t just for removing construction materials during a remodel but can be extremely useful for Spring/Summer cleaning. You can pickup the Bagster at most home centers around the country including Home Depot and Lowe’s and keep it for as long as you want. When you are finished purging all that junk you’ve been holding onto for far too long, just give Bagster a call and they’ll come over and haul it away.

Because the Bagster is heavy-duty don’t worry about throwing in old pieces of furniture that are beyond repair or whatever the heaviest item you might have. It can handle up to 3,300 lbs and the crane that comes and picks it up is hardcore.
Bagster bags cost $29.95 and the flat rate collection fee ranges from $79 to $159 per bag, depending on your area – 50 to 70 percent less than a dumpster rental. Visit for more details.

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