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weathertech floor liner

I’ve had the WeatherTech floor and cargo liners for approximately 6 weeks; in that time I’ve put them through a pretty good field test comprised of a camping trip, tailgating, cargo hauling, kid carpools, grocery runs, and of course daily driving. 

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with these from the start. They are made of thick durable materials that were very easy to install and clean up in a snap.

They work great and I think they look darn good too. 

WeatherTech Floor Liner Install

This was pretty much as easy as taking them out of the box, unpackaging them and putting them into the truck.  The only hitch was they arrive folded so I laid them out in the garage for about an hour before putting them in the truck. 

Since it is still summer in Arizona the afternoon hour in the garage was plenty of time for the heat to let the liners rest into a flat position. I made sure the truck was clean and vacuumed before install. 

WeatherTech claims these liners are custom fit to the model and true to claim every mat matched up with the curves, contours, holes, and dimensions on my Tahoe. 

The front mats hook onto existing mat holders on the driver side and on the passenger side, they stay in place with a spiked plastic button that attaches to the mat.  No spikes are used for the 2nd or 3rd row or for the cargo liner. 


Can take a beating and look good – I’ve loaded a number of things into the truck and they look new still. Things like cinder blocks and firewood that would work their way down into the fibers of the carpet and be a pain to vacuum up are no match to WeatherTech. I just brushed the small debris off the mat and good as new. 

Easy to Clean – I cleaned them with a hose and soap once with good results but found a wet rag to be just as effective.

Look good – The cocoa brown color matched the darker brown in the truck interior perfectly.  It makes the truck feel like a truck and not just a big car.

Catches liquid – my daughter spilled her water in the passenger seat and the WeatherTech liner caught it all with no seepage. These would be worth every penny if that wasn’t water I didn’t have the liner.

Easy to Install – I think I spent more time prepping the truck and breaking down the boxes for the recycle bin than actually installing them.

Recyclable – WeatherTech floormats are made from 100% recycled materials and can also be recycled when you are done using them.


I wish the cargo liner had some way to stay secure to the interior of the sides. Not sure what the solution here is because I really like that it isn’t too thick or heavy and still allows access to the cargo area by the tailgate and can be folded up to allow the 3rd row to pop up as well. 

But I have experienced the mat sliding when taking heavier items out of the back.  A small nuisance and I’d still highly recommend the mat.

Overall these are one of the best investments I think you can make for a vehicle.  The cargo liner is my favorite (which was a surprise to me) but all of the liners exceeded my expectations. They are also made in the USA!

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