DIY Projects That Require A Permit

You’ve assembled your tools and materials and are ready to get started on your latest DIY project. Here’s the catch — do you need a permit? Having one not only ensures you’ve gone through the proper channels–it also provides necessary documentation that you’ll need to provide when selling your house, for example.
We’ve compiled a list of common projects that may require permits from your city or municipality. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone who works in your area’s permitting department so that you can ensure you have everything in order.
Now, without further ado, here are projects that will likely require permits:
*Moving plumbing. Whether you’re moving interior or exterior plumbing, you’ll likely need a permit.
*Moving or installing electrical wiring. In addition to requiring a permit, the city may require one or more inspections of the project to ensure that everything is safely and properly installed and is in good working order.
*Cutting out a new door or window. Many projects that require cutting through your home’s exterior walls will likely need some sort of permit.

*Installing new fencing. If you want to install a new fence, we recommend not only checking with your city’s planning office, but also your homeowner’s association (if applicable.) If you live in a neighborhood or subdivision with covenants, you may be restricted in terms of the type and height of fencing that you can install.
*Interior demo. Planning to knock down a few walls or have some other sort of full-blown demo in mind? You’ll likely need a permit to proceed.
How has your experience been with securing permits? Does your city or municipality make it fairly easy to obtain the documentation you need to complete your project?

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