How to Apply an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

The garage has become more than just a place to park your car and store a few tools. Many of use use it as a utility room or want to create a space that is a bit more inviting and not always considered “dirty”.


The first step in converting your garage into a more useable and appealing space is to redo the floors. Our friend Matt recently shared his process of installing an epoxy coating over his stained and chipped garage floor and so far he’s very pleased with the results. Matt lives in Mesa, Arizona which has extreme summer temperatures (115 degrees+). Garage floors must withstand hot tires and not stick or melt in the heat.

For his garage floors Matt chose a local product, Veron Coating’s Granite-Cote System, that simulates the look of granite or terrazzo flooring. He went with a medium brown base and paint chips in dark brown, cream, and black. Granite-Cote is a durable, chemical and abrasion resistant seamless system and is easy to clean. Perfect for a garage floor which must withstand a ton of abuse.

Here are the steps he took.

1. acid wash and power wash floor – remove all stains and debris


2. Fill grout, then sand down


3. Lay primer coat


4. Lay base coat


5. Throw chips


6. Apply top coat (Matt put three layers of the clear coat on, the more the better)


As a final step he wants to paint the baseboards but after that he’s ready to go!
Thanks for sharing Matt!

If you have a do-it-yourself project that you’re proud of please let us know.

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