How To Clean Your Gutters

As we mentioned in our fall maintenance checklist, cleaning gutters is very important to the overall health of your home as gutters blocked by debris such as leaves and branches will cause water to buildup on your roof as well as ice dams to form. Gutters need clear paths to allow water to flow correctly.
You should clean your gutters twice a year, depending on how close they are to deciduous trees. Here’s how.
1. Clear Debris
Set a ladder firmly on the ground and watch for overhanging wires or branches as you climb to reach the gutter furthest away from the downspout. Clear debris farthest from the downspout first and move in that direction.
2. Hose It
Use a garden hose with a pressure nozzle (set to jet) to remove excess dirt and leaves from gutter.

3. Inspection
Visually inspect cleaned gutter for holes, rust, or damage. Now is the time to repair your gutter and kits are available at most hardware stores depending on the type of gutter you have (wood, aluminum, vinyl).
4. Leaf Traps
Consider installing leaf traps to prevent debris from falling into the gutter. We saw the GutterMonster at this years Builders Show and there are other products similar.
Tip: It might be helpful to use waterproof gloves, a trowel and bucket to make cleaning and cleanup easier.
Tip 2: Be careful on your ladder
photo: cursedthing

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