Ideas for Recycling Phone Books

We haven’t used a phone book in years but obviously some people still do as we receive them on our doorstep every six months or so. It’s one of the largest wastes of paper if you don’t recycle them which hopefully your community offers recycling. You can also call your local phone company and have them remove you from their list of people to receive the phone book.
But if you’ve got a creative itch, the phone book has enough paper to help you scratch it.
Our friends at DIY Life have compiled some unique projects that simply reuse the parts of a phone book in creative ways which proves that recycling can be fun.
Recycle phonebooks by… Decoupaging a lamp shade.
This DIYer gave her lampshade a unique, vintage look in only a few hours. We love how the light filters through the used-to-be-part-of-a-phonebook shade. Think you could take on this project?

Recycle phonebooks by… Making a gift bow.
No more searching party stores for that perfect topper. Make your own! Cut phonebook pages into strips and twist into loops.
Visit DIY Life for a materials list and instructions on creating these phone book projects and a lot more.

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