Say Hej To The New IKEA Family Loyalty Program

One of our favorite Swedish retailers, IKEA, has reccently launched a new program called IKEA Family, a free membership loyalty program with a good deal of benefits for cardholders.
During our family’s end-of-summer sojourn to the great big blue and yellow flat-packed land of dreams, we found ourselves faced with a kiosk in the children’s area, touting the benefits of entering a minimal amount of information at that very moment. Roughly thirty seconds later, out popped a bright orange card (complete with key fob mini-card!) as our email notification sound dinged from our phones.

We had recieved an email about this program a couple of weeks prior, but hadn’t had the chance to check it out yet. However, on the hour-long car ride home with babies and purchases carefully arranged in the back seat, we were able to peek into the perks of this new facet of the IKEA appeal.
What IKEA Family membership does is make you privy to special sales available in-store to card members only. To get the discounts, such as dollar amounts off of specific furniture and products or free coffee or tea every visit (and for those of you with small children, extra play time in SMÅLAND) all you have to do is show or scan your card. And every time you scan your card in-store, you’re automatically entered into a monthly drawing for a $100 IKEA gift card.
According to the FAQ, anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to join free of charge, and any profile information you may have made on IKEA’s website will pop up in the Family profile — however there are more family-centric questions to answer as well if you so choose. You also can elect to recieve the coveted yearly catalog through this profile as well. You can check out the monthly deals and specials through the specific Family portal, in the kiosks in store, or by the monthly alert emails sent to the address you provide when you sign up.
All in all, we’re always up for a deal, and we think this new program already has some great benefits as well as some amazing potential for growth. If you’d like to sign up, just visit your local IKEA or go to the IKEA Family portal.
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