One Grillbot to Rule Them All

Check out these dueling Grillbots from CES. These are far from the most hi-tech devices at CES but they are among the coolest.

Just set it on your grill and forget it. The Grillbot will do all the brushing for you.

Features include:

  • Push Button Operation
  • Three Powerful Electric Motors
  • Three Replaceable Brushes
  • Built In LCD Alarm and Timer
  • Smart Computer Brain To Regulate Speed and Direction



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  • Lets see them working on a dirty grill.

  • Howard

    How much? No pricing on the site.

  • K L

    Does it clean deep??? Like with mangrates??

    • Howard

      I think it works by continual brushing just like manually brushing it with a BBQ brush.

  • Denise McCormack

    This is where battlebots go to die.

    • BillBissenas

      That show rocked.

  • Jerry Shirley

    I would like to win it:) It would be fun kicking back with a beer and watching it go to work:)

  • SherylT

    My son would love one of these if they really work. How about a video of it cleaning a dirty grill? How much are they?

  • Brittany

    How can I buy one??

    • Link to buy is above.

      • Howard

        Thanks for the info. I’m going to drop the hint to my Fiancé and offer to go half and half for my birthday as I cannot afford to buy one between my (meager) wages and even more meager VA disability check. But thank you for setting me straight!
        Good luck!

  • Duangie

    Where can I buy one in Canada? Is this product at retailers yet?

  • Lars-Erik Hörmander

    Do you have any retailer in Scandinavia???

  • BillBissenas

    Please post a video showing a dirty grill being cleaned. Thanks.