Paint Colors Inspired By Food

There are a myriad ways to select paint colors. Fashion, fabric, furniture, other textiles, magazines, movies — the sources of inspiration are seemingly endless. And here’s another idea to chew on (pun intended!); paint colors inspired by your favorite foods.
Do you crave the subtle spice and warmth of pumpkin pie? Paint walls using Behr’s “Buttered Rum” and envelop yourself in a cozy orange cocoon that’s much more gorgeous than garish. “Plum Spice” (pictured above) is a warm purple that adds a touch of elegance to any room.
Or would you rather pile on the carbs without the calories? Martha Stewart Living paint, available at Home Depot, features a soft yellow called “Cornbread,” inspired by the dense bread that’s versatile and appealing.

If you prefer your colors of the more neutral variety, Ralph Lauren delivers — try the dark brown “Coconut,” reminiscent of the fruit’s outer shell. “Deep Cream” offers more depth than a basic white, and “Walnut” rests in the middle of the spectrum — not too dark, yet deep enough to be paired with bright jewel accents or lighter tones.
Now that we think about it, this whole “paint inspired by food” trend could be amazing. What about “Hot Fudge?” “Tikka Masala?” “Pomegranate?” The possibilities are endless!
It’s your turn to confess — if you could turn any food into a paint color, what would it be?
Photo courtesy of Behr Paint

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