Keep it Bright with Automatic Floodlights


No matter if you live in the city, the suburbs, or the country, home security is a concern for all homes. Did you know that one of the simplest ways to keep your home and family safe is with outdoor lighting? A simple motion-activated flood light can be inexpensively purchased from your local home improvement store and with a little bit of electrical know how, installed in an afternoon.

A motion-activated flood light can surprise and scare away not only would-be home invaders, but can also deter unwanted local wildlife – be it possums, raccoons, rats, deer, or coyotes – by highlighting their presence abruptly.

Our home has one on the back side of the house (which lies next to an abandoned alleyway) that also has a dimmer, so that when the light is activated, it stays on for a period of time, then dims, and eventually turns itself off, also making it a great energy saver.

We like to leave it on all night, just in case someone – or something – decides to try its luck; but unlike a normal flood light, it won’t make the neighbors complain about the blinding light while striving for an extra layer of security.

GE Automatic Security Light Kit #56765
Automatic lights are easy to install and at $12.99 an inexpensive investment into the security of your home.

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