Deep Clean Carpets

deepclean Deep Clean Carpets
It seems that there is no consensus in the proper way to deep clean carpets. What we do know is that a vacuum cleaner won’t do the trick. When you need to properly remove mold, allergens, dust mites, and light stains, you should use a steamer. Steamers don’t require the use of chemicals or cleaning agents although you may be asked to purchase them when renting the steamer. A proper steamer will heat the water to at least 240 degrees and this heat will emulsify grease and chemicals which are then removed by the cleaner. The heat will also kill dust mites and other organic bugs that you don’t want in your carpets.
For deeper stains you should spot stain areas but beware of using chemicals as this can bleach carpet and create a more difficult problem to remove.

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  • Lilorfnannie

    Beautiful. Thank you. I plan on reading these links. I despise carpeting; like you said, it doesn’t get clean with just a vacuum. I think it’s nasty, filthy stuff- and that’s without the pets to consider. I’d get rid of every stitch of carpeting in my house *yesterday* if it was up to me- unfortunately it isn’t- but I can do something about getting a steam vac- Thanks again-

  • matt

    dust mites are gross – thanks for the tip