DeWALT 36V System

drill DeWALT 36V System
In January DeWALT debuted their 36V system of cordless power tools that promised increased levels of power and runtime, with similar or less weight than corded options. This line of 36V power tools consists of a heavy-duty hammerdrill, reciprocating saw, 7-1/4″circular saw, impact wrench, rotary hammer, jigsaw, and flashlight. These tools aren’t reworked 18V models but built entirely from the ground up using a lithium-ion battery developed by A123Systems that incorporates nanoscale technology which is licensed from MIT.
It sounds very high tech for a power tool but if the 36V line can boost power and last longer as well as be lighter than our current 18V beast then we’re all for it. If you’ve got experience with this tool line let us know what you think.

  • Greg Smith

    I’ve already invested in lots of DeWalt 18V tools. It’s too bad they don’t have a replacement 18V lithium-ion battery.

  • Carl

    I really love my new Milwaukee cordless. They tout V28 power with a lithium-ion battery and they really do go.


    I bought the complete dewalt 36volt system for my boss last year. one of the batterys died almost right away. the factory sent a replacement, it to has now died, wont take a charge.the system is used at his farm, we are not clost to a large city, FORT WORTH, 70 miles away.local LOWES does not stock.not worth the $800.00 cost. $100.00 no name works better.

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