Disqus Does It Again

disqus comments Disqus Does It Again
Timeout for a tech shout out. We’ve been using Disqus to handle our comment system for a couple years now and couldn’t be happier as they continue to innovate and roll out new features that keep in tune with the ever changing world of social media. The past few months they’ve quietly added the option of logging in using your Facebook account, Twitter, and now OpenID which enables readers such as yourself to login and comment using virtually any type of online identity. A secondary feature that’s not to be missed is the “tweet your comment”. It takes discussions to another level.

If you’re a web publisher and are already running Disqus, make sure to login to your account and active these features. If you still use the WordPress or Movable Type comments, give the Disqus plug-in a try. I believe it was Jetson Green who originally turned us onto this comment application as we were struggling mightily with the speed and functionality of the Movable Type comment system.

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