How to Hold a Hammer

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According to Habitat for Humanity, the average beginner carpenter uses almost 30 strikes to pound a nail when it should take 3-4. Start by holding the hammer at the base and swing with your shoulder and use your forearm, but don’t use your wrist. If your wrist gets tired you’re doing it wrong. Here are some more how-to’s.
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  • Debbie D’Amico

    In March, I will be moving to Essex Ct to my great grandmothers home. It was built in 1914 as far as I know. How in the world do I start restoring it to the original ideas? Thanks!

  • Timothy

    Hi Debbie – you should start with the county recorders office where you can find early photos of the house and more details regarding the date of build and builders. We covered learning the history of your home here.
    good luck

  • Scott B

    Holding a hammer correctly is very important. Thanks for the tips.