Landscaping Ideas

lawn Landscaping Ideas
Now that the weathers warm and the days are longer it’s time you put some effort into your outside space. Start with performing a thorough cleaning of your front, back, and side yards. Remove anything from your yard that isn’t absolutely necessary. This includes old mulch piles, leaves, sticks, trash, toys, unused BBQ’s, etc. After all of this “trash” is removed you’ll find you almost have a new yard.
Before you do any digging or planting make sure you have a plan. It’s best to look through magazines that picture gardens, yards, and decks that you envision for your own space. You won’t be able to duplicate a photo (although you may want to) but instead take elements of different designs that you like and incorporate them into your own yard. It can all start with something as simple as a thoughtfully placed evergreen or a hanging plant. Or you may decide to install a deck, fountain, or pool. Whatever your project start make sure you start with an overall plan for the look of your entire space. [Landscaping 101]

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