Starting a Lawn? Think Low-Water & Weed Resistant

lawn-best-grass.jpg When you begin to plant your lawn, keep in mind the upkeep that will last years past the initial watering period. To this end, choose low-water grass that works best for your region.
Most yards are planted with Kentucky bluegrass, which provides a beautiful green cover. However, this type of grass uses considerable amounts of water, which can be expensive and wasteful in many drought regions. Instead of going for the greenest, try going for a low-water option that will save you money and water.
Native grasses are the best options for low-water grass. For many regions, these include Buffalo and Blue Grama or a prairie grass. Prairie grasses can be kept short to maintain the look and feel of the more traditional blue grass and require moderately more care than just watering. You can read more about lawn care.

In addition to knowing what grass is best for your area, keep an eye out for weeds that take over and ruin your lawn and garden. Weeds vary by area, but this map from The Global Invasive Species Team can help identify and eradicate the pesky weeds that commonly plague your corner of the world. Most often, weeds are invasive species that take over native species, but there are often easy weed-killing solutions that don’t involve harmful pesticides.