Super Sleek Sinks

franke sink Super Sleek Sinks
Try and say that five times fast. These new sinks from Franke are definitely the future in sinks. This sink is completely decked out with an odor-tight waste bin, prep bowl, colander and measuring bowl. (I’ll refrain from making any “everything AND the kitchen sink jokes)
The beach prep sink has a second drain that can accommodate a prep bowl, mixing bowl or colander.

francke beach sink Super Sleek Sinks
These are indeed for pampered chefs. You can go from rinsing a handful of berries, tossing the stems in the trash, rinsing them and then tossing them into a bowl to serve – without ever leaving the sink. Not too shabby.
Photos: Franke

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    Great list C&H. Makes me want to have a marathon film night – but I would skip out on the House of Sand and Fog and replace it with Old School. The adventures surrounding their Frat house always makes me giggle.

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    Great list!