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video Video DIY
The proliferation of broadband connections has given rise to further development of online video and most mainstream diy and home improvement sites have caught onto this trend.
Easy2DIY contains great project how-to’s as well as product reviews. These aren’t videos in the truest sense of the word but more like slideshows with audio.
VideoJug comes to us from London and is more than just home diy videos but contains life hacks as well.
Expert Village has seeded Youtube with many home improvement videos and tips but you can also view them from their site which has many other “experts” from a variety of fields showcasing their knowledge.
Share your favorite sources for video diy help.

  • max

    This Old House and Bob Vila have a bunch of online videos. They mostly look like clips from the show.

  • homeninja

    HGTV has some videos but then again they are a tv network. I’m looking for more specific home projects geared towards woodworking.

  • Kevin

    If you like DIY online videos from great chefs, wine stewards and chocolate makers, (in the future, from designers and furniture makers) check out TasteTV at