10 Kitchen Design Tips from a Pro

Susan Serra of The Kitchen Designer has listed her Top 10 Secret Kitchen Design Tips. Many of which are easily overlooked when designing your ideal kitchen. We also hear she’s introducing some new products to the US market, more on that later.

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  • reswob

    The link above
    gives me a ‘Problem Loading Page’ error. I can go to http://www.thekitchendesigner.org
    which seems to be for a Mark Hanner in England I think.
    There is no /journal/2008 or anything else on the page.

  • Timothy

    I’m sorry the link isn’t working for you. I’ve triple checked it and it seems to be the correct one. The story is also on the homepage of the kitchen designer site.

  • Thanks for the mention! And, those tips, if ignored, can make bad things happen! Additional tips will be added again soon. And, yes, a new type of modern kitchen is coming to the U.S…

  • karen

    i wasn’t too impressed with the tips, but i found a link to this site in the comments. invaluable.