25 Projects Under $50

While perusing my usual rounds of shelter blogs, I came across this post from Apartment Therapy’s sister site Re-Nest, giving ideas for 25 DIY projects under $50 and thought I’d pass it along.
It’s not often these days that we have an extra $50 to spend (with our son turning one this weekend and another baby on the way, we have to put the kiddos before the house) but I appreciate the idea that not every project to beautify your home has to be labor intensive and wallet-draining.

Most of the projects look like they might require slight skill, such as turning tablecloths into curtains (something my mom’s totally done with success) or how to upholster folding chairs, but some of the others appear to appeal to even the DIY novice.
While you may not get the designer or professional look you’re hoping for, tackling a DIY project can be quite the pride-inducing moment. So what if your little project isn’t perfect? Consider it a lesson for next time (if you’re brave enough for there to be a next time) and try to embrace the charm of the flaw. Besides, to the non-handy or non-creative, telling someone you made it yourself usually fosters a sense of awe and if done right, a little bit of jealousy.
Do any of these projects strike your fancy? Personally I’m looking at the DIY silhouette shams for a long-desired project for my son’s room. Give one a whirl this weekend and let us know how it turns out in the comments.

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