3 Easy Lawn Care Tips

Our interview with Kelly Giard of Clean Air Lawn Care was eye-opening and he left us with 3 invaluable lawn care tips that we wanted to highlight again.
His primary mantra sounds like common sense but is more difficult to achieve than you realize and that is to, fight weeds with a healthy lawn, not by spraying herbicides. It’s so much easier to just dump chemicals on a lawn rather than take a little time and patience to help nurture your lawn the natural way.
1. Cut your lawn half an inch higher than you usually do (one or two notches on your mower wheels) and notice how much greener it gets, how fewer weeds there are, and how much less water it needs.

2. Edge and trim the lawn vertically instead of scalping horizontally – allows your lawn to choke out weeds on the edges where they usually get started.
3. Detox your lawn from chemicals – organics work with the earth, not against it and so they will require less maintenance in the long run.

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