5 Quick Bathroom Furniture Ideas

Many people underestimate the humble bathroom, but it is as important as any other room. To make the most out of your bathroom, here are some furniture ideas.
1. While a pedestal sink can look chic, a full vanity gives extra storage space, with room both below the sink as well as counter space. This is especially useful in small bathrooms.
2. Cabinets can also provide additional storage, and one with a mirrored front is even better. Choose one with shelves to make the most out of your space.
3. Finding a shelf designed to fit above the toilet can be a great option for homes that lack a linen closet.

4. In the shower, handrails can provide security, without looking out of place. Pick a handrail that matches your shower door or curtain rod.
5. When it comes to knick-knacks, use items that can double as cups, toothbrush holders or soap dishes.

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