An Unlikely Glass Garden Shed

I am so glad that Treehugger spotted this garden shed in World Architecture News, called The Wendy House. I read about so many new green designs and eco-homes that it takes a lot for something to take my breath away. But Amir Sanei’s renders me speechless.
Situated in his own yard, architect Sanei said that the process for the “shed” came to him organically. “I didn’t set out to make a Wendy House, I set out to make something. It grew out of windows I found in a skip and thinking about how they might be arranged,” he said, “The scale was door height to a child.”

The windows surround three sides of the building with the fourth as a solid wall housing shelving on the inside and sheathed in mirror on the outside. This reflects back on to the neighbors’ garden camouflaging the teeny structure. The neighbors are in fact big fans; their children use the Wendy House too.
Sanei is a fantastic architect. See more of his work here. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can have a big impact.
Photos: World Architecture News

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