Backyard Bamboo Fences for the Non-Tropics

It’s backyard season and we’re all getting out there, roaming the grass and cleaning up the gardens. Maybe your pooch is being too friendly with the neighbors or you need a little more privacy. Whatever the reason, now is the time for a fence.
What are your options for green fencing? And I don’t mean green chain link.
Some industry experts (or was that salesmen?) claim that pressure treated wood is environmentally friendly. Because it lasts a lifetime, using pressure treated lumber reduces the need to use additional timber as a replacement. Makes sense in a strange way, but is it truly considered green building?

Many would agree that it is not.
A new face has shown up in the backyard construction industry and it’s quickly gaining in popularity. Bamboo fencing has gone main stream and is being installed in yards across the country.
Your mind might automatically assume that bamboo is reserved for tropical resorts or island getaways, but it fits in well with contemporary designs in more northern climates. Like in your backyard.
Cali Fencing is a leader in the business, with a vast product line and excellent coverage across the continent. They carry bamboo fencing in a wide range of heights and a few different finishes. There’s even Lumboo for the framing – dimensional lumber made from compressed bamboo and perfect for the posts and rails of your bamboo panel fence.
These products are considered the most sustainable choice in fencing materials mainly due to the speed at which bamboo grows. It can be harvested for building material in 1/10th of the time it takes for cedar to reach that stage. (Bamboo is harvested around 3 years, while a cedar tree needs to grow for 30 years or more.)
Distributors also claim that bamboo is more resistant to wind due to the round shape and that the material is extremely durable and hard wearing.
The look of bamboo fencing is unique. The texture is attractive and your panels can be stained a darker brown or reddish tinge.
Here’s something that may surprise you about bamboo. It pops. Due to air pressure changes between the air inside the wood and the air around it, you may catch your fence making music. Try to find a beat.
Bamboo is a good choice in fencing for the eco conscious homeowner. It’s economical, attractive and when bought from a reputable dealer and installed well, your bamboo fence will stand the test of time. It just keeps popping.
photo courtesy of Gavin Mills – sxc/gnmills

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