Bionic Wrench Stops the Bolt Size Guessing Game

Along the lines of the Gator Grip we saw at the National Hardware Show, the Bionic Wrench from LoggerHead Tools is even more stout and while it doesn’t have the versatility of the Gator Grip the applications are quite different.
The Bionic Wrench comes in 3 sizes which would replace 38 wrench sizes saving you time and guesswork. The wrench distributes equal force on all sizes of a nut preventing stripping and busted knuckles.
These wrenches come in a quad, pent and hex shape to fit the widest range of bolts.

The multi-tool was one of our favorites as it combines the Bionic Wrench plus two standard knives and 10 to 20 screwdriver bits.
For the biggest jobs their Pro version is perfectly suited for removing nuts from fire hydrants which can be extremely stubborn due to rust or being frozen and when you need water ASAP you don’t have time to fuss with a wrench.

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