Bruce Irving Returns with This New House

We just got word from renovation consultant and former executive producer of This Old House, Bruce Irving, that he’s coming back to television and will be developing a new show called “This New House” that will be shown on the DIY Network and co-hosted by the current TOH host Kevin O’Connor and current Blog Cabin host and licensed contractor Amy Matthews.
More details…
“This New House” is a 13-part series on the DIY Network, made by This Old House Productions and airing sometime late next year, starring co-hosts Kevin O’Connor and Amy Matthews. It will explore new approaches to, and new technologies and products for, residential construction and living. Series producer Bruce Irving, who continues to work as a home renovation consultant, writer, and real estate agent, brings 17 years of TV experience to the job, having produced This Old House and its sister shows from 1988 to 2006.

We’re looking forward to this new show and it seems like TOH may have finally found the right formula for a successful spin-off to match the popularity of This Old House. It will be interesting to see what the TOH production crew and cast can achieve with this show since it will be out from under the constrains of Public Television.
We know that Bruce Irving and his team will flourish on the DIY Network and deliver a show that bolsters their current programming lineup.
Keep an eye out for This New House sometime next year and we’ll be sure to announce dates when we get them.

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