California Goes All-In on Green Building

Today California approved a building code that is the most aggressive eco-friendly statewide code in the US.
“Calgreen” won by unanimous approval by the state and will take effect in 2011. All homes, hospitals, schools and shopping malls must abide by this code.
Highlights include:

Builders must divert 50% of construction waste from landfills to recycling

Building materials must be eco-friendy such as low-pollutant paints, carpets and floorings.
Water-efficient plumbing and fixtures must be used.

This new building code had support from the Chamber of Commerce, many builders and realtors and the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ironically it was opposed by the US Green Building Council who is worried that it will create confusion for builders who want to achieve a standard.

It’s inevitable that other states will soon follow suit. Should states mandate green building practices or should it be left up to cities and communities? Or do you favor no green building restrictions at all?

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