Dream Cave House

If you have an extra $300,000 sitting around or are simply after a change of scenery, then the Sleeper family of Festus, Missouri (suburban St. Louis) have a deal for you. In response to the housing crisis, they’ve put their cave home up for sale. It’s an ironic twist, as the Sleeper family originally purchased the land in 2004 after seeing it on the Internet.

More about the cave house:
Our story begins in December of 2003, St. Louis Missouri. Curt found a cave while searching for commercial property in our area on Ebay. That’s right, we found our cave on Ebay! A couple of weeks later we visited, and fell in love with the place.
It took us nearly five months to complete the purchase, and just over four years to build our offices and home here. We managed to sell our home in Sunset Hills and use that money as 50% down payment and the balance created a five year Balloon note. That note expires on May 1st, 2009.

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