Charles & Hudson on the Martha Stewart Show


Actually I was just in the audience. The friendly folks at MSLO invited me and a ton of other bloggers to their live taping of the “Martha Stewart Show – blogging episode”.

The featured guest was Perez Hilton who I never thought I’d see share a stage with Martha but they seemed to get along famously and now have this whole blogging thing in common.

I had the pleasure to chat with a few of the bloggers in attendance including: Rider Thompson of Sustainable is Good which focuses on the movement towards eco-friendly packaging; my favorite food blogger, Deb Perelman, of Smitten Kitchen was in attendance and got some TV time!; the gracious couple who run, a foodie social network that I NEED to join, were also there. I also met Kelly Reeves of URLesque who live blogged the entire show and has a great summary of the show here. I bet I was the only home improvement blogger in the house.

It was a great experience and watching Martha in action affirms my belief that she’s still at the top of her game and is more progressive than some people may think.

On a side note, all blogger attendees were asked if they wanted to bring their laptops and blog during the show and it seems like I was the only one who declined.

So if you happened to catch the show and see the only guy in the audience sans laptop, that’s me! After the show we were all in a group photo with Martha with laptops raised and they briefly considered replacing me with someone with a laptop but then a computer appeared and I remained in the pic. Almost undone by my non-blogging, leave the laptop at home self.

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