Chicken Cribs: The Next Design Frontier

I’ve been hearing a lot about chickens lately. This post over at Design*Sponge got me thinking about the rising popularity in tending to our own gardens, growing our own food and now raising our own flock.
I don’t have a yard but I would love to be able to raise chickens one day. The rise in popularity has of course spawned a ton of great coop designs. One of my favorites is the chicken crib.
Designed by Andreas, a landscape architect, and Rusty, who developed a fondness for chickens after working on a farm in Italy, these cribs house your chicken and look great in your backyard. (Let’s be realistic – not all coops are this cute.) All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and 45 minutes to assemble.

These coops house 2 to 3 hens and you can have them painted in a custom color. For more information on Chicken Cribs visit their site here.

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