Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors

After a few recent dinner parties while everyone is crowded around the hors d’oeuvres by the kitchen counter, a common conversation has frequently come up. What color should I paint my kitchen?
I decided to get in touch with an expert to find out a few sure-fire colors that would look great in the kitchen. Erika Woelfel, BEHR’s Director of Color, had this to say about choosing the right kitchen color.
Warm colors work best in kitchen environments. When people are going for high impact color, I’ve most often seen reds or yellows being used. In the neutral tones, it still tends to be warmer neutrals because these backdrops don’t clash with granite counter tops or wood cabinetry.
These are my picks:

Apple Polish (UL110-20) A terrific red for the kitchen, especially with light colored wood work or floors.
Saffron Strands (UL150-16) Warm, golden yellow that looks great with white cabinetry, white accents – you name it.
Raffia Ribbon (UL160-5) A perfectly neutral pick. An excellent choice for medium and dark wood work colors.
Kitchen Photo: Apartment Therapy
Paint Swatches courtesy of Behr

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