Consider Electric over Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

Tis the season to–mow the lawn. Though we may all be glad to see the gloomy days of winter go bye-bye, we also know its time to tend to the lawn. Popular money expert David Bach offers a way to save some money – and the environment – while you mow the lawn in his new book Go Green, Live Rich.

If you’re in the market for a new lawn mower, Bach says you should consider buying an electric version over a gas-powered machine. Reason being, it costs about $5 a year to use an electric mower, whereas gas-powered cutters are subject to the skyrocketing prices of fuel.
Americans use 800 million gallons of gas each year on lawn mowers alone. Worst yet, 17 million gallons of gas are wasted on spillage each year. You can also help improve the air quality in your neighborhood by using an electric mower. If you spend one hour mowing your lawn with a gas machine, it’s the equivalent of having driven 100 miles! Electric lawn mowers can be found at retailers like Home Depot and range from about $150 to $450.

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