Converting an Old Barn Into a Printing Studio

Wedding stationers Rebecca and Dade moved from Florida to New Hampshire in 2007 with the intent of finding a property with a barn to renovate for their online business, The White Aisle. (Which has TOTALLY AWESOME wedding stationary, if I do say so myself … my wedding invites were from here, which is how I’ve been following this couple’s story for years now.)
Due to some complications like the economy, some health issues, and just life getting in the way, the couple are just now working on being able to move into the barn, and lucky for us, Rebecca has been documenting and blogging the process on her business/personal blog.

The first post with pictures documents the nitty gritty of the project, after some inspiration photos, of course, can be found here. The ones that fascinate me are the pouring of concrete onto a previously gravel and dirt floor. In one picture you can see lines drawn into the concrete, making it look more like slabs — I wasn’t aware this was standard practice. If I were installing a poured concrete floor, I think the last thing I’d want would be fake-slab-lines drawn into it.
The second post details more of the finishing touches (post concrete-curing) but is only a taste of what the finished project could look like. See more for yourself here — and prepare to be amazed.
Of course, I wish there were more before photos, but perhaps those will be unveiled in the next few posts as the progress is revealed. I love the idea of rehabbing an old barn as a work space, even though I’m quite the city girl at heart.
What are your thoughts on Dade and Rebecca’s renovation? Or do you know why they drew lines to make fake slabs in their concrete? Chime in and give us your three cents.

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