Craftsman Hammerhead Auto Hammer

One of the most labor intensive do-it-yourself tasks is hammering. Not only can it quickly become extremely tiring but if you don’t have the right technique you may waste a lot of nails including your own!
The Hammerhead Auto Hammer from Craftsman looks to make hammering standard and finish nails a cinch by saving you time and energy.
Hits: effective, solid build, little vibration
Misses: loud! (but what do you expect, it’s pounding nails)
Uses: light duty nailing such as repairing a fence, building projects, flooring
While overkill for building shelves or light-duty work and maybe not the best option for general carpentry, the Hammerhead falls somewhere in between contractor grade and DIY. The best examples we can think of are building a ramp, installing baseboards or putting up a fence.
How It Works
You simply load up a nail into the magnetic holder and lay it against the surface to be nailed. Pull the trigger and at a rate of 3600 impacts per minute the Hammerhead goes to work. Within a second your nail will be flush with the surface.
It took less than a second to drive a nail through a 2×4 and when it was done there was no damage to the surrounding wood.

We found the Hammerhead to be lightweight and sturdy. The rubber grips were comfortable and the weight was manageable by male and female hands.
The vertical and narrow design of the Hammerhead lends itself to squeezing into tight places where the swinging action of using a standard hammer might not be possible.
The LED work light is also a nice touch.
The Hammerhead is powered by Craftsman’s Nextec 12 Volt Lithium-Ion batteries so it should go a few hours without any delay and only requires 30 minutes to recharge.
The only issue we had was sound but that’s to be expected when driving nails at the rate and power which the Hammerhead does. You may want to consider using ear protection if you are going to be using this tool for an extended period.
Where to Buy
Available at Sears for $99. A minimal investment considering what it will save you.
Video review

disclaimer: Sears Craftsman provided this tool for our review under no expectations or obligations. We reserve the right to return this tool to Sears Craftsman or offer it in a future Giveaway.

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