Designers Can Return to a Project

Our final question in the series from kitchen and bath designer Cheryl Clendenon.
“I think I can handle this on my own but just want you to come in later and help with the finishing details”
I can’t say I will not do this because I am doing it now.
The client had already purchased many of the materials being used in his remodel including cabinetry for a kitchen that was not even roughed in! I tried to explain to him that really I thought it might be too late for my help. But I agreed anyway to take the job and now he is understanding oh so well why we are needing to dig up concrete to place the plumbing in a different location in his master bath, redo the lighting plans and move walls.
I thought he might balk at some of this but truthfully, he has been terrific about it all and agrees that he “thought he could do it alone because he had hired an architect to do the plans and he knew what he wanted” but realized he was spinning his wheels and was not going to get the finished look he wanted.

It was not the architect’s fault: the client had not made many decisions and those decisions he had not made were critical to the design process. So, in the end, I have a really happy client albeit one that spent more money than he needed to righting some design wrongs.
And you know who is even more happy? The contractor who has spent way more time on this project than he budgeted due to decision making delays. Go figure.
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photo: Cheryl Clendenon

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