Disney’s Haunted Mansion Inspired Artificial Flame Candella Candles

On our second day at CES a booth unlike any other caught our eye. The dark paneled walls were illuminated by candles, or so we thought. Upon closer inspection these candles were actually LED lit and contained an ingenious flickering mechanism that mimicked a real flame.
We were instantly smitten as we are always seeking lighting solutions that create a warm inviting space and also are energy-efficient. Candella Candles met these requirements and then some.
Product rep, Adam Wasserman took the time to share a bit about these unique lights and when he mentioned that they share the same technology as the lighting in Disney’s Haunted Mansion we took even more notice as Disney does such a great job creating moods and themes within their rides all by having the proper lighting.

A few more details:
1. Flameless candles reduce insurance costs and significantly reduce fire risk
2. Candle fumes, wax and lamp oil are eliminated.
3. Offensive odors of current open-flame candle options are diminished
4. Ambience and quality of light isn’t diminished and the environment is cleaner and less energy is used.
No doubt these will become common place in restaurants, hotels and spas across the country and we’re also saving a place spot for them in our home.
by Timothy Dahl

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